Now I've read the news, and wowzers. Yashin's been bought out, but I don't expect it will be long before he has a new home somewhere else. Buyout makes sense from an Isles POV.
Could he fit into the Oilers? Why not, they're bleeding everywhere; if the price is right, sign him. Who cares if he disappears in the playoffs, they'll be hard-put to make 'em anyway. The Isles are surely going to be gunning for Smyth now. Can he play for MacT? I doubt he's as bad as he's sometimes been made out to be. Hey, playing the wing is easier than C, and even if the Oilers pull off a double-deal and get Smyth back and sign Yashin, they'd have their 1-2 LW without needing to rely on streaky Torres.
What I said about interesting about 10 minutes ago in the previous post just got even moreso.
(And hey, I get to beat all the Leafs beat writers, who are likely so busy chortling over Ottawa choking again that they're not going to write about how the Leafs should go after Yashin just like they should go after every single UFA with a heartbeat until they wake up - hungover as hell, I hope - tomorrow morning.)