You can email me at mike at this domain name. I am also findable on the Fediverse and GitHub, links in the sidebar or whatever. You might also be able to find me on Keybase or Dreamwidth. My DW account is largely comment-only, I reserve what little writing I have in me nowadays for here. My Keybase account may expire when my Twitter account goes away. I'm on various IRC servers, a MUD, Discord, and about fifty jillion Slacks (but who isn't?)

Where you might once have been able to find me, but no longer can:

  1. Dragonfire MUD (kraig) - 1992 - I still have an account but hardly log in
  2. Mulberry MUD (kraig) - 1994 - 1996
  3. LiveJournal (kraig) - 2000 - ca2015
  4. Facebook (my real name) - ca2005 - ca 2016
  5. LinkedIn (my real name) - ca2011 - 2019
  6. Twitter (snowcrashmike) - 2009 - 2019