It would appear that David Maynor and Johnny Cache have been at least partially vindicated. I wouldn't go so far as to say they've been fully vindicated: as the saying goes, "show us the code". If they really believe Apple have been acting irresponsibly, then maybe that would be the best thing to do, in the interests of full disclosure.
However, that's not really why I wanted to post; as the title suggests, one of the questions that their defenders (including Twitchy from pauldotcom and Andy the IT Guy, among others) have been asking is "what would they have to gain by lying?" That's a fair enough question, and rationally, the answer is nothing - as it usually is. However, that doesn't stop hordes of people from lying anyway. What did they have to gain? Notoriety, perhaps a contract or three... who knows. Maybe they never expected it to get that big and things just got out of hand, like a Coen Brothers movie. "All The Dude wanted was his rug back."
I'm not saying they're lying - I'm sure there's at least a grain of truth to their allegations - but until and unless there's Real Code That Works released, I'll stick with I'll believe it when I see it. And if Apple's recent patches really and truly vindicate them (as in, the patches fix precisely what they claimed was broken) then turn the title's question on its head - what do they have to lose by releasing the code? Nothing. What do they have to gain? Vindication.