Short one first... apparently Alexei Yashin and his agent aren't happy with the offers he's been getting. I can't imagine what they are, maybe 1-2m per year, but what does he expect? 50 points last season is good, but it's not Briere or Gomez good, he just isn't going to get those contracts with his reputation.
Edmonton signs Souray - guess it's a good thing Laraque's gone, he and Souray had a little thing going during the lockout season I think. No idea what the money is yet, but that blueline is so hurting any veteran player will help. They seem set for PP pointmen now - Tarnstrom, Pitkanen, and Souray, plus Stoll is a dandy there too. Now they just have that little problem of a #1 left winger and maybe some depth at all forward positions - especially RW, with Lupul and Sykora both gone.