One of the various Suns brings us news that Dick Tarnstrom may be back in Edmonton.
Good news for the Oilers if true (even if this isn't the first time I've heard this this summer), but the money quote is here:

If he signs, the Oilers blueline corps will include Jason Smith, Steve Staios, Matt Greene, Ladislav Smid, Tom Gilbert, Jan Hejda, Tarnstrom and another veteran puck mover acquired via trade or free agency.

Yes, I know Kevin Lowe has been quoted often as saying he intends to pursue such a player this summer. Of course, we all knew he needed to last summer and all last season, but it never happened. I'm not holding my breath.
Nevertheless, good news if it's true. Tarnstrom isn't Pronger, or even Spacek, but he's a vet and performed well in his brief tenure as an Oiler.