and all those other cliches.  I'm no fan of hitting from behind, and I'll admit if that was an Oiler lying on the ice instead of a Flyer, I'd be pissed.  But the Oilers aren't noted for hitting much at all this season, never mind about dirty hits.  While I don't entirely believe Laraque's protestations of innocence - he was quoted as saying "It almost looked like he dove . . . It was nothing intended, it wasn't even a hit," this is exactly what Downie got told would happen if he kept headhunting and acting like an idiot.  He can't say he didn't know.

Given what Bobby Clarke said, "McAmmond was a veteran player who was skating and watching his pass and
got nailed. Sorry for it, too bad he got hurt but it was his own fault
as much as it was Downie's."  Well, Downie went into the corner with his back turned, knowing a 250ish pound behemoth was skating around on the ice.  Clarke can't say too much about this hit - although I'm sure he will.

Will it make Downie slow down next time he sees a chance to hurt another player?  I doubt it.  Of course, I've not at all been a fan of his since he was beating up his own team's rookies after practise, so maybe I'm cynical.