More stupid error messages.
I set up a spanking new OpenSuSE 10.1 box. Being security-minded, I wanted to check for updates. I clicked the system update icon in yast and told it to configure now - seems reasonable.
Here's what I got (link is to 1280x1024 original):
A screenshot of a SuSE server displaying an error titled Soemthing goes wrong, spelled exactly like that
I'd clicked "Next" in configuration, then got the message box entitled "Error", so I clicked Details. Nice.
The little "notification area" icon that later appeared (no idea what KDE calls that area) let me set up our local mirror as a source for updates, which is good, but refused to let me actually apply any of them - kept erroring out with vague messages.
Needless to say, my system is not updated and I am not impressed. Maybe it's a pilot error on the latter, but the former I didn't do anything but click.