Get used to this sight.Shawn Horcoff as a Spartan

If there was any doubt before (I had some), there's none now.  The Oilers won't be in the playoffs, and will be lucky if Brian Burke isn't calling out "from the Guelph Storm, Drew Doughty" or "from the Sarnia Sting, Steve Stamkos" come June.  Robin Brownlee's article was as upbeat as possible, quoting MacT as saying "I don't get any sense that there's a loss of confidence," but that can only be true if the Oilers already felt they were longshots or if they're all saints.  With Torres and Horcoff done for the season, Roloson mortal, and having been missing Pisani and Moreau for close to half the season each, that's most of their experience on the IR.  Tarnstrom for Glencross ain't gonna stem the bleeding.  Schremp supporters should be happy though, it means their boy might finally get a good look with guys like Hemsky.  If MacT will put Reasoner or Gagner in Horc's spot, he'll try anybody.