On the heels of the Garon trade, Ryan Potulny was sent down to clear a roster and lineup spot as Hemsky was set to return. Nilsson was re-activated and played last night, but he didn't need a roster spot cleared. However, today Brule and Reddox were demoted.
This could be just a gambit to get them into some games. Springfield plays twice in the next week, and both of them can probably use the ice time during the All-Star Break.
Given that Oilers TV published interviews yesterday with both Brule and Reddox regarding their plans for the All-Star break (which definitely did not include "play for the Falcons"), going down for playing time would seem to be likely a surprise for them. So this could also be a harbinger of things to come, a clearing of the decks, so to speak. Oilers players should probably be keeping an eye on the GM's office door, regardless of their other plans.
(Edit: I guess I should have read Lowetide first, a couple of days ago even. That explains Potulny, but not Reddox.)