I watched most of the game last night. I'd kind of like those couple hours of my life back. What a crap game. The Oilers did ok, but Roloson was miserable - I honestly expected him to get pulled after the 5-2 goal, and doubly so after the 6-2 goal - and the other players couldn't do anything to bail him out. I guess it's about time, he was due for a stinker, and we saw what happens to the team when their goalie sucks. They can't win. Ever? Likely. The poor power play hurt them last night - they had a couple of golden opportunities and couldn't convert. 1-5 isn't necessarily terrible, but they've been sucking out loud and *they* were due.
If they smoke Phoenix like they're capable of doing, we'll know the team is all right. If they come out and play another crap game, there's something wrong. We'll see.