Sean Avery did an interview with Maxim. (Hat tip to Jes Golbez.)
Man, you don't even need Lexis/Nexis for this guy, it's all in this interview. Calls down on Maltby for slapping him (must have been good if it broke his nose, next time try a bit lower, Kirk) and then says that pulling somebody's jersey up over their head and punching away is fair because "You try to win at any expense. That’s the whole point of sports." Funny, coming from a guy that got off the ice whenever Georges Laraque stepped on.
This was a good one too: "No, but what I am losing sleep over is the fact that I’m not allowed to speak my mind. What happened to freedom of speech? It’s nonexistent in sports. I mean, when does a reporter ever ask a hockey player about his political views? You’ve never heard that." Actually, I have - hockey players usually avoid that question by saying they have no opinion or don't follow politics. Just nobody's interested in Sean Avery's opinion, probably because they know he's a dick.
Guys like him are half the reason why I *don't* miss being in the militia.
OK, I'm really just trying to cover for the fact that everybody else is saying what little hockey news there is to go around right now before I can. Is it showing? I'll try to do a roundup before the season starts, anyway. I don't think Lowe's done yet though.