1. Consistently inconsistent.
    2004 - last place in the division.
    2006 - Conference finalists, done in only by injuries.
    2007 - President’s Trophy.
    2008 - back to the bottom.

Tomas Vanek

  1. Darcy Regier.
    He let Danny Briere and Chris Drury go, but matched the Oilers offer to Tomas Vanek for 50 million over 7 years.  You think he could have kept at least one of those guys for that kind of coin?  Lowe should be pleased - Vanek’s certainly not covering the bet.  Regier matches the salary, then blames Lowe for salary escalation.  Could have signed him earlier, guy.  Couldn’t make up his mind - let the two co-captains go and rebuild, or try to win another regular season championship?  He tried to grab both and failed miserably.

  2. They’re so... squeaky clean.
    The closest they have to a tough guy are Adam Mair and Andrew Peters, who got a whole 253PIM combined last year.  This is the team that used to dress Rob Ray?  How can you do anything but hate a team that’s so unhateable?  Peters has done ok for himself, but while I admit to a more limited knowledge of eastern teams, he’s certainly no Boogaard or Brashear.  He’s not even a Laraque.

  3. The Buffaslug.
    Enough said.

All in all, this is actually a pretty hard team to hate, but I’ll try anyway.

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