The Toronto media just cannot leave him alone:
"But if Sundin ends up in Montreal, a team he refused to be traded to for an impressive package at the trade deadline, his Toronto legacy will forever be tarnished." says Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun.
So, to recap: Mats Sundin signs a contract with the Leafs in good faith. He provides faithful service for the duration of the contract, plays the good boy in public even though he can't enjoy losing, and does nothing but be the team's best player every year. The GM screws the pooch, not once but repeatedly, and now it's Sundin's fault that he didn't want to uproot himself just to save the team from itself, waiving a clause he probably left cash on the table for in the process? And now that he's considering, horror of horrors, signing a contract elsewhere, his decade of service will be tarnished? 981 regular season and 76 playoff games, averaging just over a point a game in the RS with 443 goals, all of that will be tarnished because he held the team to its word? Over a decade of blood, sweat, and (I'm guessing) tears thrown away? Oh, but it's ok if he signs anywhere else.
Tough crowd. I'd want to sign elsewhere too, ungrateful wretches. Of course, every good Canadian knows that about Toronto anyway.