Third round predictions vs actual:
DET 4 CHI 2 // DET 5. Thought the Hawks would have held out for longer, but maybe the injuries to Havlat and Khabibulin hurt the cause enough for the quicker loss. Yeah, I'll go with that. 10 points.
PIT 4 CAR 1 // PIT 4. That's gotta leave a mark. As WanyeGretz put it on Twitter, "Erik Cole sure looked sad. Well, at least his wife is happy, right?" I don't quite have that level of animosity for the big winger, it's not his fault MacT lost his mind, but yeah. 10 points.
100 points from first two rounds + 20 for this = 120. Guess I won't reach my mark from last year, despite the torrid start. Just call me Mr. April I guess.
The Finals should be a good ride. Detroit in 7, and Crosby will miss shaking hands with Hossa and accidentally cockpunch him while Chelios will need quad-skates for his turn around the rink with the Cup.
Book it.