Second round predictions vs actual:
CHI 2 VAN 4 // CHI 7 - 0 points. Who saw Luongo's collapse in game 7? I'm getting tired of the younger team every year being compared to the Oilers of the 80s though, complete with "well, shucks, I don't think so" type comments from players being told they're like Gretzky & co. Hint: they're not, and saying so is insulting to both teams.
ANA 2 DET 4 // DET 7 - 10 points. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous there.
CAR 1 BOS 4 // CAR 7 - 0 points. Ward wants another Cup ring I guess.
PIT 4 WSH 3 // PIT 7 - 20 points. Game 7 proved me right on the goalies call.
30 points for second round + 70 from first = 100.
Round 3:
Detroit - Chicago: maybe it's because I'd now be the wily veteran fourth-liner traded at the deadline for one last kick at the can, but I'll take old age and treachery over youth and enthusiasm at this point. Detroit in 6.
Pittsburgh - Carolina: this is getting old, but Penguins in 5. If it's a Carolina - Detroit final, I'm sure Wade will be happy. I'm guessing Mrs. Staal is cheering for the younger son too - the eldest has a ring already.