First round predictions vs actual:
SJS 4 ANA 2 // ANA 4 SJS 2: 0 points. Maybe Burke's a smaller idiot than I thought. 0 points.
DET 4 CBJ 1 // DET 4 CBJ 1: Columbus is surprisingly good, but Detroit's learned from their mistakes in 2006. 20 points.
VAN 4 STL 1 // VAN 4 STL 0: Really, I wanted to predict a sweep, but I'm just too wussy for that. See what I get? 10 points.
CHI 4 CAL 1 // CHI 4 CAL 2: Yep, injury-whinges. See you on the greens, Flameouts. 10 points and a moral victory.
WSH 4 NYR 3 // WSH 4 NYR 3: Thanks to the Russians new and old, nailed this one. 20 points.
NJD 4 CAR 2 // CAR 4 NJD 3: Guess I was wrong about Ward. 0 points.
PHI 4 PIT 3 // PIT 4 PHI 2: Guess Crosby+Malkin > Carter+Richards.
BOS 4 MTL 2 // BOS 4 MTL 0: Who could have predicted this collapse? 10 points.
Total: 70 points, much better than last year's first round total of 40. Maybe putting a bit of thought into things does help.
Round 2:
Chicago - Vancouver: tough one to call, Bulin Wall vs St Lui, Toews+Kane vs the Sedins, "Big Buff" vs Alex Burrows... they're pretty evenly-stacked. Going to go with my gut, Vancouver in 6.
Anaheim - Detroit: the Ducks have shot their bolt. Wings in 6.
Carolina - Boston: could be the year of the bear. Boston in 5, but I've been there before and so have Carolina and Ward.
Pittsburgh - Washington: this one has the Eastern media all ooo Crosby vs Ovie. What about Semin and Malkin? Fleury vs Varlamov? I think this one is on the goalies, and I think Fleury's the man. Pittsburgh in 7.