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PunjabiOil had a little contest last year, which I co-won. No, I've never believed in false modesty.
I don't see anybody in yon Oilogosphere doing something similar this year, but what the hell, I'll throw my own Kreskin abilities out there again this year.
Western Conference
San Jose - Anaheim: wonder if the Eastern media will be able to keep themselves up late enough to watch what should be a fun series. SJ in 6.
Detroit - Columbus: sorry Scott, you've put together a decent team, but Detroit's the best team that didn't win the President's Trophy this year. Hopefully for Wings fans, their goaltending can keep it together. Hopefully for Columbus, young Mason isn't this year's answer to The Net Detective. Detroit in 5.
Vancouver - Saint Louis: much has been made of the Blues' late-season push, but I call Luongo over the whole team. Vancouver in 5.
Chicago - Calgary: It's Calgary. Not only do I call Chicago in 5, I predict whining from the fans hastening to say that they're not making excuses, but injuries did in what could have been a second Cup to add to Calgary's Dynasty. True as it may wind up being, the letters O N E are not present in the d word, and Oilers fans have no sympathy for that anyway, not after 2006.
Eastern Conference
Boston - Montreal: Original 6 matchup should be fun to watch as well, too bad we're likely to get stuck with CBC calling it instead of the Boston guys. I love how they say Lucic. Boston in 6, if Price can keep it together long enough. Thomas is the real deal.
Washington: NY Rangers - Ovie's Caps in 7.
New Jersey - Carolina: I'll be pulling for Cole and Pitkanen, and Ward seems to have his "no MY Cup" thing going again, but NJ just has too much depth, sorry Wade. NJ in 6.
Pittsburgh - Philadelphia: two decent teams with established and rising stars. Going with depth again though, and a nominal upset. Philly in 7.