It's everywhere now, Pisani's out (probably long-term) with ulcerative colitis. One thing about being a sports fan, you learn a fair bit about things that can go wrong with the human body, at least on a surface level. Some things, like this and Tjarnqvist's inflamed pubic bone, I could have done without knowing about, but hey. Hopefully Pisani makes a speedy recovery, the team is going to miss him. I'm guessing an A on his chest might have been coming, given that one of Horcoff or Moreau are almost certainly going to get the C, and Smyth's A is obviously also gone.

More practically, if San Fernando goes on the long-term injury list, will the Oilers get some cap relief and find a replacement to spend his \$3.4mm salary? Everybody's talking about Mike Johnson, but that RW is looking awfully thin.