A weasel word you see a lot where opinions are offered (so anywhere online) is "personally".
Usually it's used like this: "Personally, I think ..." or "Personally, the reason for that is ..." The first usage is just redundant, but the second isn't even in the same ballpark as grammatically correct. I think I know where this comes from, although I lack the vocabulary to describe it pithily. It's used as a sort of deflector; I know that comments and posts that don't include this sort of weaselling tend to get attacked more than those that do. It's like saying "Personally, you're an asshole" is somehow more acceptable than saying "You're wrong, and here's why." "Well, that's just, like, your OPINION man" is the last refuge of somebody who's lost an argument and doesn't know how to admit it.
While the motivation is understandable, that doesn't make this word any less loathsome. By now I should admit to being somewhat of a Zinsser disciple, and while words like "personally" have a place, modifying or replacing statements like "In my opinion" isn't that place. In fact, as Zinsser would say, you don't even need to say "This is my opinion" - that's already obvious, and saying so is a waste of time. It's your opinion, state it and back it, and to hell with those who would divert the argument by pointing out the obvious.
Of course, that's just personally my opinion.