Courtesy David Staples: rumour du jour is Penner and Smid for Heatley.
I've always liked Heatley, but as an Oiler, he's a poor fit. Even if it was Penner's salary going out of town, that's still another 3 million dollars to cover, and anything more than Penner on his own is an overpay - especially if it's any blueliner who played more than 10 games last season. Smid? The team's spent the last couple of years developing him, and his salary is reasonable. Unless he's utter cancer in the dressing room - and it's hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff on that one, clearly there's something wrong and nobody agrees on who it is - moving him is insane.
Penner++ for Heatley would be stupid, Penner alone is not enough cap room and probably not enough to satisfy the Senators, and anybody making less than Penner would be even worse than stupid... unless there was another trade in the offing. Does it make sense given the other rumour, Souray to LA? Not unless the Oilers plan on not contending next season, so why offer Roloson a contract then?
Too many things about this just don't make sense.