For a change I have a few free moments and some motivation when some news came down the Pipeline. The Oilers have recalled Zack Stortini.
I'm frankly somewhat surprised. MacTavish had said that with Moreau out, he didn't think the team would be lacking toughness, but I guess he changed his mind. (I think either he or Lowe had said that if they felt the team was lacking toughness, that Stortini would be potentially on tap.) I haven't seen him play, but by all accounts he's a project. Team captain of the Sudbury Wolves shows some character though - the Oilers have at least three former CHL captains in their system with London's Danny Syvret, Rimouski's Marc-Antoine Pouliot, and Stortini.
I doubt they'll be calling him up to sit in the pressbox, but maybe they just want him up for a 5 or 10 game stint with a few minutes a game, a la Jacques or Mikhnov. Damn, this is so much nicer than 10 or 12 years ago, when not only would he be playing, he'd be getting second or third line ice time.
I watched the Wings game last Saturday, and while the Wings weren't pushing them around, the physical presence was noticeable by its absence, and the Wings aren't noted for their tough guys either. Would have been nice to see Maltby get jacked for the shoulder to Smyth though. Staios is always willing, but the team absolutely cannot afford to lose him to an instigator again. Smith is usually willing too, but... ditto.
Whose place will Stortini take? Winchester's, no doubt. Winny's willing, but he's not very capable. On the other hand, he can pot the occasional goal too, and I don't have a lot of confidence that Storts will be much of a scoring threat. I guess I'll have to find out through osmosis - some times I really miss Centre Ice.