CRC Error, and I'm on it. It's profane, irreverent, and probably would disappoint my mother.
On the other hand, it was fun to make, even if the first ep involved us BSing for 3 hours only to find that finchy's recording crapped out and only got 20-some minutes, he couldn't find his headphones, the power went out at CBass's house, and I had a mic fail for the first 20 minutes or so of "recording."
Hopefully we'll be able to release another one soon (in the next week or so) but in the meantime if you want one or two cheap laughs - hey, my wife thought it was vaguely amusing, if pointless - why don't you just go ahead and check it out?
If you try and like it, let me/us know. If you hated it, well, let us have it with both barrels, reload, and do it again. We don't cry easily.