I named a particular vendor in a couple of posts here; at first, it was ok, but given that some more recent posts have been a bit negative with respect to them, I thought it might be best if I made the references a bit more generic. I can't undo what's cached in Google and such, but I figured I would at least try.
I know that this vendor is in a bit of a difficult spot with us and they're doing the best they can, but it's still causing us grief, so I don't feel too too bad about having previously named them, and if anybody were to ask how things went with them on this cluster project, I would answer honestly. ("Not as well as we'd hoped.") I'm confident that one way or another, they'll fix our problems and we'll be able to get to use the clusters, just not as soon as we'd wanted to start.
Still, I was tempted to leave their names in anyway.