It's funny, I figured I'd be done with hockey for a while once the playoffs were over - no high first round pick means the draft's a crapshoot, and no first round pick at all means I would have been unlikely to recognize the names of the Oilers draftees (and I was right, I don't). But with that bombshell that shall no longer be named (until I change my mind) it's easy to write about that, and that raises the bar for everything else.
Since while it's not quite the wee hours of the morning, but they are approaching quickly, I think I'm allowed to say I'm actually kind of annoyed with myself for this. I've got lots of other things I need to do, and plenty of other things I'd really rather write about. But I haven't been doing them, and I haven't been writing about the others.
We now return you to your regular sporadic updates.