In what will no likely be a blow to guys like Lain, it sounds like the Predators have traded Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timmonen to the Flyers; in return they get back the same first-rounder they gave up to get Forsberg. Flyers win that trade, I think, unless one of those players was just not going to re-sign with the Preds - the Flyers have a lot more cap room to play with.
The Senators fired Muckler. Rumour has it it's because he couldn't get Gary Roberts and instead got Saprykin. What a stupid move. Granted, Muckler's not getting any younger (he's 76), but it's not like he's done a terrible job with the team, and I'm in his camp: if the owner says "do this at any cost," I do what I think is best for the team long-term, and if he doesn't like it, well, I'll take my buyout. And if I'm a team owner, I let my GM do his job - that's what I hired him for. (And if I decide to acquire a particular guy at any cost because I think he'll help my team win the Cup this year instead of just going to Game 5 of the finals, it's *not* Gary Roberts. It's Ryan Smyth.)