Steve Simmons is feeling the pinch.

It strikes me that Maple Leafs nonsense is at an all-time high. What with blogs, internet sites, radio hysteria, chat groups and 24/7 focus on everything that is and isn't Leafs, much gets overblown. Every time a player is available -- be it Brian Leetch or Anson Carter -- the Leafs are smack in the middle of it. Even if not a word of it happens to be true.

ORLY, Steve? Seems to me that Leafs Central occupies an office at the Toronto Sun too. Get off your high horse and go read some of your colleague Al Strachan's columns. The fact that Strachan is noted for idiocy doesn't excuse the hypocrisy.
Steve's email is at the bottom of his column. I guess that's so the Sun can pretend that their writers are approachable.
You know why webloggers hate the mainstream media? It's because good webloggers respond to comments, even (and especially) critical ones. Poor ones don't, and that's the level that most mainstream journalists seem to be at. They, occasionally, respond to one another, but I have only once received a response of any kind from a beat writer. No, I don't expect them to respond each and every time, but from where I sit, responses are few and far between.
So webloggers and other forms of alternative media are stealing your territory, Mr. Newspaper Man? Why don't you figure out why they're so popular and either emulate them, or else state flat out why you think they're wrong, instead of just whining about it? Sure, the latter form of action means you'll piss them off and lose readers - guess what, Steve, too late. There's a reason why guys like Guy Flaming are getting so popular, and it isn't because of their rugged handsomeness.