Of course, speaking of dickery, Glen Sather was never above it either. Mike Hudson, traded to Edmonton for Rich Winter client Craig Muni, was placed on waivers after 5 games. Recall from previous post that he'd been injured when traded. The Maple Leafs claimed Hudson, and next season saw a penalty-filled game between the Leafs and the Oilers. Boris Mironov high-sticked Mats Sundin, and Sather was fuming after Hudson allegedly took a swipe at Oilers dman Fredrik Olausson with his stick. Sather said of Hudson after, "He was never an Oiler - Oilers don't do what he did." (Toronto Sun, 6 November 1995.)
Same Slats said once of Jiri Slegr that he felt lucky to have gotten a third round pick for him.
Hmm, maybe I need to do a "Glen Sather is also a dick" post.
I tried to find a picture of Mike Hudson to use here, but my google photo fu failed me. Maybe I can talk lowetide into helping me.