Thunderbird finally drove me over the edge. Might have been that whole "no new features OH HEY YOU CAN IRC FROM YOUR MUA" - guys, if I wanted emacs, I'd use it.

I used to care a lot about Enigmail. For various reasons, I care less about it now. There are, however, a few things that I would miss about it. Oddly, the one that I kind of missed the most is the most whimsical - I like having my default signatures rotate. So I did a bit of digging, and came up with some applescript (courtesy's post on the subject) only slightly modified.

Also, being a complete Mac-centric scripting n00b, I wasn't sure how to make things go. Save the Applescript into a file called… anything. Run osacompile against it. You can call the resulting compiled script from your .bashrc with osascript, something like

osascript /Users/foo/bin/sigrot.scpt

Another relatively minor irritation is the default behaviour of never marking mail as read, or marking it as read instantly. You can theoretically fix that with

defaults write MarkAsReadDelay 4

but that didn't work for me (10.8.1). Instead, I used TruePreview.

Now, if only I could convince it to show me messages most recent at the top, but when they're threaded, show them most recent at the bottom.