Something I forgot to put into my goalies entry. There was some fair bit of kvetching in the media (and, I imagine, in other weblogs and web boards, although I haven't looked) about Marc Andre Bergeron. Poor bastard. They asked Roloson how he felt about it, he said that in his opinion, Ladd's running him didn't even deserve a penalty (one of the few, he said), and Bergeron had just been doing his job - it could have been Pronger, it could have been Smith, it could have been anybody. I think he's right - Bergeron was a bit enthusiastic, but they've got to know how much Rolo hates being run, and probably are a bit more zealous than normally they would be trying to clear the crease. Roloson was out a bit, going for the rebound, and that's that.
That's hockey, and that's life - sometimes bad things happen for no real particular reason.
And that is, I promise, my final post of the day.