I was watching Hockey Day In Canada the other day, and my wife noted that one of the goalies didn't appear to have any throat protection. I said he likely had something strapped on like a collar, because if nothing else he'd not want to get his throat cut. Turns out maybe he wasn't.
Has Luongo never heard of Clint Malarchuk? Maybe that's too long ago, how about Trent McCleary? Still too long ago? Not to the throat, but ask Mike Smith what a slapshot off the noggin feels like. (Yeah, he was fine and skating around after that blast, but he's on the injured reserve list now with a concussion. Hopefully he's ok.)
A skater not wearing a visor is one thing, but a goalie not wearing any throat protection? There's only one word for that, and it's in-fucking-sane.
Here's a question. You're an insurance company, and you're crazy enough to insure professional hockey players. Here's a star goalie, he's making \$27 million dollars over the next four years in a backloaded (6 + 6.5 + 7 + 7.5m) contract, and he's not wearing any protection on his neck. What kind of premiums do you ask for from the team? (Or are players required to self-insure? I don't know.)
When do teams start demanding that their players wear more protection? How happy would the Leafs be right now if they'd kept a healthy Berard and had McCabe and Kaberle to go along with him? (Trick question, they'd still suck, but their power play would be something to see, at least.) Could Al MacInnis have played another season or two? I know I'm not the first person to say this, and I know the NHLPA would likely file a grievance on the behalf of their players, but like the helmet issue in the 80s, maybe they need to start staging something in.