I'm helping a faculty member and a grad student with classifying Google queries in various ways. One that keeps coming up over and over is queries for systems of playing the lottery. I'm hoping that this page will eventually come up, because guys, the only way to consistently win playing the lottery is to keep your money in your pocket. There's a reason governments like to run these things, and it isn't because they love you, it's because they make a boatload of money.
I'm not getting much out of helping out by making a fairly quick decision and clicking approximately 4,000 times, although the faculty member's going to spring for lunch at a fairly decent local restaurant (I've never been to it, but I hear it's good). Nevertheless, I'm getting more out of the repeated lottery queries than the people making them are likely to get. TANSTAAFL, but sometimes you can get one for not much more than an investment of time. The same can't be said of lottery tickets.
Oh, it's also kind of funny how many single-word searches like "erotica" and related terms there are. You don't need to look for that stuff; just open all your email attachments, you'll eventually get all the popups you need...