I have a paid copy of CodeTek VD, which I purchased about a year ago now.  One of the features it had that I liked was the ability to "lock" one of my displays, such that it showed the same application regardless of the desktop I was in.  After having enabled that for the right hand display, I would always open Firefox there, that way I could browse documentation online for any of my virtual desktops.  I discovered that if I told Spaces to open Firefox in all Spaces, then always opened FF in the RHS display, it had a similar effect.

However, it doesn't allow me to keep a particular Terminal window open there at all times, which is handy if I'm asking questions in IRC or just wanting to keep a window for time tracking open.  I don't want *all* my Terminals open in *all* Spaces simultaneously; in fact, that's quite the opposite of what I want.

The other difficulty I've had with Spaces is that I can't seem to figure out how to make it so that I can have Terminals open anywhere I like - it always wants to switch back to The One Space in which I've opened one.  Perhaps I can work around that with the above - tell it to open Terminals in all spaces - but again, I don't want all my terminals scattered everywhere, that's why I want virtual desktops to begin with!  At any given point, I could have five or ten terminals open to various machines.  Messy messy.

edit - of course, as soon as I posted, I figured it out.  Open Spaces, then just drag the window to the space in which you want it, duh.  Kind of nasty, but it works.

I'm a fan of DoubleCommand, since as previously noted I like a Unicomp keyboard.  Despite some complaints, I've found that DC works just ducky in Leopard, although I did a format and reinstall - most issues seem to come from upgrades.  I rebooted this morning though, and had to re-enable my DC mappings, so this time I made them a system mapping instead.

One other issue I noted is my network connection is gigabit, but after Sleeping my G5 last night, when I came in this morning it only seems to detect 100mbit - at least it's FDX.  That could be a switch issue (but I doubt it).