It's hard to disagree with this:

It's up to leaders to set an example that this kind of behavior is not tolerated. And in this case, it isn't enough to merely abstain from attending the cock-fight, so to speak. Leaders need to speak out against academic cock-fighting, and let would-be perpetrators know it won't be tolerated. Otherwise the discriminators and harassers will believe that the sheriff might just be stopping by to join in the fun.

Well, yeah. I respectfully suggest that if leaders need to be told that they ought to lead by example (and it's no good to say "do as I say, not as I do") they should attend a Junior Leadership Course or an Infantry Section Commander Course as put on by the Canadian Forces. That is absolutely one of the most basic truths about leadership. Armies figured it out as long ago as Alexander the Great. Nobody will follow somebody who doesn't do as they ask others to do, and nobody respects a hypocritical leader.
(I will refrain from making the obligatory quotation from Sun Tzu, since a) I'm not sure he had much to say on that particular subject, and b) I hate that fashion.)
And yes, I included that blockquote just so I could use the word "cock-fight" in a post and get away with it. If you think that's immature, neener on you, you perv.