I don't know about anybody else, but I cringe every other time Laforge opens his mouth.

I think there was a time when hockey players made less than $5 million a year and they weren't so picky about where they lived, you know . . . In some cases, hockey players make so much money . . . that the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) want to live in Toronto and Los Angeles and Florida and wherever else is sexy.

Yep.  There was a time when the servants just shut up and took what they were given, like good boys and girls, and men were men who told their women to shut up and follow them anywhere, or they'd see the back of the hand again.

It can not do the reputation of the Oilers any good for him to still be beaking off about Pronger a year after the fact.  Maybe he's trying to give Bill Wirtz a run for his money?  Lowe sounded kind of embarassed in his quotes; I'm sure he'd like to tell his boss to STOP HELPING already.