I loves me my IBM Model M keyboards. I have 3 or 4 left now - one's in my office on a KVM for my testbed PCs, another is on loan to my wife, I think I have a third in storage, and a fourth is on loan to a grad student friend. My wife has killed two more (for which she shall be forced to use a cheap Lexmark "multimedia" keyboard in purgatory, I'm sure).
However, I also like Apples, but those are hard to use without at least the splat key, and I also like the keyboard eject button for the CD drive. Furthermore, Model Ms and USB don't mix. I was flipping around irongeek and found that he'd hosted a radio show wherein he talked about Model M's - lots of nice clicky links. I may have to see about getting a Unicomp Customizer USB once I'm a bit more flush.