I guess it's not a rumour now. It was great, and I know he has to do what's best for his family, but I wouldn't be surprised if the boo-birds come out in full force next time he's in town. If they booed Gretzky and Weight, they'll boo anybody. I'm pretty disappointed myself. Why sign a long-term contract if you're even thinking about leaving?
One of the worst weeks in Oilers history, I think.
And it's that much worse considering the Flames and Canucks only got stronger. The Avalanche are arguably improved too - they still have at least one proven sniper in Hejduk, and Sakic's not exactly dog food yet, and Leopold's a decent pick up for them. Minnesota's now got one of the men Edmonton wanted last summer too.
I know Lowe won't trade Pronger until and unless he thinks the return is best for the team, but man. Are the Oilers going to be doing penance for Pocklington eternally?