Germane to the course I'm taking now, Tim Crane is interviewed for Philosophy Bites, a podcast I enjoy.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to download the podcast either this morning or this evening, but I will summarise once I can and get a chance to listen to it.

Speaking of my course, my prof has asked for a slight change in format that will make it extremely difficult to keep my readings discussions to 100 words, so I fear that experiment must come to an end.  (Perhaps I'll try to restrict myself to no more than 150 words instead.)  However, I did find that it became much easier to remain concise the more I did, until the last couple where I composed in my head what I wanted to say, typed it in, and was pleased to find myself within a dozen words or so either way.  I recommend this as an exercise in concise writing.  Unfortunately, MovableType's editor lacks a word count feature.