Seems like all the big noise has been made - for now, at least. GMs are probably collecting their respective breaths and reloading for maybe another spree, maybe not, but the big names are mostly gone.
More to the point as an Oilers fan, and what prompted the posting, was Pronger has been traded. To Anaheim, unfortunately for Western Conference teams, although the return was... decent, I suppose.

First of all, as I'm sure everybody's aware, Pronger -> ANA for Joffrey Lupul (RFA), Ladislav Smid, a first round pick in 2007 and a second rounder in 2008, as well as a conditional first in 2008. What's the condition? Nobody seems to know yet, but I'd bet it's something to do with either Lupul signing or not, although I wouldn't put it past Lowe to say if Edmonton doesn't make it to the playoffs or something. (Or maybe it's an Anaheim team condition, who knows.)
We know what it's going to do for Anaheim: give them a pretty sick defense. "Do I play Pronger with Niedermayer and force the other team to cry, or spread them out and neutralize their scoring lines? Do I load them up on the power play and cause opposing goalies to wake up in cold sweats, or do I change them up?" The only hope for the West here is that they pull a Paul Kariya / Teemu Selanne as Avalanche, but I can't see that happening.
Overall, even without that conditional first in 2008, it's not a terrible return for Pronger - certainly better than what the Blues got. I'd call it a good trade for Lowe, considering the conditions under which he was working, and he made it early enough that now he can make a pitch for a UFA defenceman. Depending on those conditions and, of course, how Lupul and Smid do this year, it could be a great trade (again, considering the conditions). Looking at other big trades that have gone on involving big name players, with the exception of FLA/VAN, the team moving the more valuable single player has been fleeced. Joe Thornton, for instance. I think the jury's out on Luongo for Bertuzzi, but from where I'm sitting... Luongo has a lot less to prove right now than Todd Bertuzzi. Big Bert had better get 30-35 goals this year or Keenan's going to look like an idiot.
Pronger press conference tomorrow, allegedly - I'm now less interested / invested in what he's going to say, although I'm still curious to hear his rationale.
Where does this leave the Oilers? That's another post.