Now that I've a link from David Staples's front page, maybe the pressure is on a little bit.
So I'm going to cheat a bit for my first story since: a third-hand report (via Katebits via Kukla's Korner) about the Hockey Night in Canada towels.
I never had any great desire to possess one - although I have dreamed about Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final with Yours Truly starring, so I don't lose *all* my Canadian-boy cred - but I have always wondered where those towels came from and where they went after the interview. I'd thought that perhaps they got re-used, but they were always so white.
Now I know. I still don't desperately want one, but that's pretty cool. And if you haven't seen one of these yet, you've obviously never watched HNIC - why not?
Snoop Dogg in the stands being interviewed by Scott Oake on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast
Snoop does.