Last night a friend in IRC says "Cool, new hi-res maps of KW," so I grabbed the latest version of Google Earth and fired it up to have a look. Neat, there's my building, and I can tell whose cars are in the parking lot because one of our neighbours drives a large dark car and couldn't park straight with a gun held to her head. (Our car was not home, nor was it on campus at WLU. Hm, Linda, where were you?) I can tell when the photos were taken - late last summer or early last fall. Let's look at the campus I work at now - yup, pretty nice.
Wait a tic, that's not "Library at University of Waterloo," that's Chemistry. That's not "Math and Computer Sciences Building," that's the Davis Centre, and there is no M&CS building. There's a Math and Computer building though, but that's not what they've labelled and that's not its name.
So now I'm looking to see how to correct marker placements and labels, but it's not easy. Google itself returns lots of people grumbling about inaccuracies in community markers. sigh.
(Update: looks like one can comment at panoramio, which is where the photos appear to be pulled from. Yay!)