This is the mandatory first post.
I intend to put things like longer writings here. I have a LiveJournal but that doesn't strike me as being suited for longer posts. I don't really care if I get comments on these things; they will be works in progress, for the most part.
I'd like to post some of my school papers as well, but I'm concerned about plagiarism. That may also restrict what I post; I don't want to help kiddies cheat. I wrote all my papers on my own, and many of them I had absolutely no help on. The thought of somebody stealing that work makes me want to puke. So, anyway, I'll see what happens here.

(Edited 2019-09-01: I'm leaving this up only for personal 'historical' reasons to mark the actual very first post of the very first incarnation of this blawg, which was hosted with MovableType on a spare server I had at work. It has since moved on to WordPress, when MT dropped postgres support, versions 2ish through 4, and now Pelican when I got tired of needing php/mysql and I decided I no longer cared to collect comments and present a security vulnerability through hosting live websites.)