Dean Bennett (no byline, no idea who he writes for, although the link title suggests the Canadian Press) needs to do some. Writing a report card for both teams after the game, he said of Edmonton's special teams:
A train wreck. Hurricanes shut down the Oilers power play by pressuring the defence up high. Edmonton allowed the Canes to get back in the game in first period by allowing a short-handed goal. Special teams have been the Oilers undoing in the series. Grade: F.
He's not wrong, the power play was sucktastular last night, and that's why they lost. But the first Carolina goal wasn't a shortie - it was a power play goal, and there frankly wasn't a whole lot the Oilers could have done except not take that penalty in the first place. Perfect set play by the Hurricanes.
I give the reporting for this series a D: that's not the first mistake I've caught in a column, just one of the worst. Can't these guys even read the boxscores they crib from