Like all the other ones I've seen so far, the Oilers looked a bit lost in the first period. The second period wasn't so hot either, despite Staios's seeing-eye goal. My wife was looking at the TV after the goal, she said, "He looks *pissed*" (talking about Hasek). I think he always looks pissed.
It's really nice, though, to see the Oilers actually score on a breakaway. Twice, even, two different guys. The aching days of the mid to late 90s with endless Marchant breakaways that wind up in the goalie's crest are gone, and good riddance. (I still remember Weight sending Marchant in against Ledyard and then Moog when the former worthy stumbled; I turned to my friend and said "crap, he *never* scores" and, of course, he did.)
Despite Torres's much-ballyhooed (and anticipated) demotion to the fourth line, he pulled a couple of shifts with them, and looked good; so did Thoresen, so I expect the T's will get moved around during games from now on, depending what MacTavish wants.
The ice looked pretty bad last night, especially in the first period; Smid fell behind the Oilers net, Hemsky fell near the offensive blueline on the power play and sent in Maltby (or was it Draper?) alone, one of the Wings fell, and the puck was jumping like crazy. Probably didn't help the first period much; it seemed better later.
A couple of good hits too. Stoll got creamed by Markov and hopped right back up, although the Wings scored on that play. Winchester caught Chelios a good one too, and Moreau clipped a Wing in the corner, then hammered him the next time they went in together.
Nobody's saying what happened to Moreau at the end, when he dropped the gloves with Markov and seemed to hurt himself - hyperextended his shoulder or something? It was a very weird play. I'm not sure why Staios drew a misconduct on the play either, is that an automatic for being third man in? I don't really agree with the call either - he was the third man in, true, but Moreau had already started skating away, and actually so had Markov. Staios could have smoked him, but didn't - I think he realized at the last second that something was really weird, and Markov hadn't done anything. Oh well.
All in all, not a bad game, unless you're Dom Hasek.