Seth Godin writes so succinctly that it's difficult to quote any of him without quoting all of him. However, in a recent post about the skills required in a modern workplace, he writes: "And yet, we're still trying to hire people who have shown an ability to follow instructions."
I agree that the emphasis in jobs that require at least a bit of creativity[0] ought to be on people who can get stuff done on their own by visualizing the outcome, but that's not really the same as somebody who always colours outside the lines. If your employees are more interested in colouring outside the lines than they are in following directions, they will drive you insane, this I guarantee you. What you need is somebody who can do as Seth describes, but they also need to be able to recognise that sometimes, you just need to buckle down and turn the screws on a project to get it done.
0 - And there's more than you think; try stifling all your creativity at your current job and see how happy you are about it.