Long time no talk, mostly because not living in Edmonton, it's hard to watch preseason games, and I don't like speculating about players I haven't seen. There hasn't been much news from an Oilers perspective, although a couple of interesting things cropped up today.
A bit of schadenfreude as the Jackets waived Ty Conklin. Poor bastard. I wanted to like him, but after last season... not a guy who does well under stress. He'll pass waivers, and this will be the last NHL contract he ever signs, I suspect.
Carolina traded Jack Johnson. They got a pretty good return, too. Oilogosphere is wondering why Lowe didn't ante up (I don't even bother checking hfboards any more, I'm sure Bryanbryoil is whingeing about Schremp not getting a real chance and how terrible MacT is at developing young offensive talent, I mean, look at how poorly Stoll and Hemsky and Horcoff are doing)... well, I think it's cos there would have been no Johnson without a blueliner going back the other way, and that defense corps is looking a bit thin as it is.
Lowetide was saying apparently the Oilers are talking to the Blues; he didn't specify about whom, but I imagine it must be Erik Johnson, first overall last draft. I don't see how that deal makes sense for either team - the Blues would obviously want a pretty hefty return, and they're rebuilding anyway, aren't they?
Anyway, yes hockey fans, I am alive, although I don't know how much I'll have to contribute - I doubt I'm getting Centre Ice again this season, so I'll be restricted to the 20 or 30 games max that nasty CBC / TSN will let me see. I'll try though.