WestJet and Air Canada settled, courtesy of the CBC. The PaulDotCom boys picked up on it in their podcast - I'd submitted the story to them, intending to get them to link to my writeup, but I never took the time so I just gave them the raw link. Now I'm taking the time, because I think they missed something in their show.
There's a couple of interesting items here. First is the most obvious, and the one they caught: what was an employee who'd presumably left on poor terms (but left!) still doing with a login id and password, valid from off-site, for what is presumably a considerable length of time?
Second is the settlement. It's curious that AC would settle for legal fees + litigation, and a contribution to charity from WestJet. Did they figure they couldn't win the original \$220m lawsuit? Are they essentially admitting guilt to the charge of trashing the WJ exec's house? Either way, that's a pretty interesting result to what appeared to be a relatively straightforward case of industrial espionage.