Via a friend, an oldie but a goodie: assholes in academia.

I don't really have much to add to this, beyond saying if you don't know who the assholes in your work place are, chances are - it's you.

Fortunately, I could name at least a few, so I think I'm mostly safe.

From one of the comments: "I suspect though, that he can bully when he needs to . . . "  I've long had a theory that inside every professor, a little jerk lives, just waiting to hop out.  I think it's virtually impossible to get to the point where tenure is offered without having at least pushed somebody aside a time or two.  I say this knowing that my mother is a tenured professor, and is one of the nicest women I know.  (And she agrees with me.)  Of course the prof referred to in that comment can bully when he needs to, or he wouldn't be a department chair.  The line is knowing when you really need to bully, and when you should just shut your mouth.