From an IRC rant of mine.  I took out a few comments, but this is otherwise unredacted.  Sorry if you don't like strong language, skip to the next post.  I don't claim the thoughts to be particularly original, but I don't believe I've expressed them here, myself, before.

< kraigu> I don't find it interesting that we're reinventing mainframes; I find it depressing and shittacular that we're not just reinventing them, we're reinventing them \_poorly\_  
< subdriven> How would you do it differently?  
< kraigu> I'd see what a 390 would cost me nowadays  
< kraigu> it's amazing to me that 30 years after the PC revolution, we're going to be using dual and quad core workstations with no less than 2 or 4GB of RAM to run apps in the 'cloud'  
< kraigu> or even if you're ipad-enabled, you're still using about 500 times the amount of computing power my parents had to basically run applications in exactly the same way they did on a keypunch machine.  
< kraigu> that's it  
< kraigu> I'm writing a fucking JCL interpreter app for the iphone  
< kraigu> it'll submit jobs to EC2 for you

Except I don't want to be bothered to give Apple money to develop for a platform I don't have, so you, Kind Reader, have my permission to steal my wondrous idea.

What the hell, it can't be any worse than any other job dispatcher out there.