Why are you all apparently so concerned about proving which is more or less secure - Windows, MacOS, Linux - and why? Why are you not concerned with just Fixing The Fine Problems (or even just Finding The Fine Problems For Somebody Else To Fix)? Why are you all wasting so much energy on this stupid argument of definitions?
It doesn't *solve* anything, beyond maybe proving that somebody's, er, brain, is bigger than somebody else's. (And even then, that doesn't solve anything either, it just pisses people off.)
Why aren't you happy simply finding problems - on whatever platform you choose, using whichever platform you choose? Why do you care what the "MacOS zealots" think? Yes, people who say things like "MacOS is invulnerable!!eleventyone11" are stupid. So what? Take it from somebody who is apparently smarter and wiser than you are, if you go around caring what all the stupid people around you think, you'll spend so much energy on that caring that you'll soon find yourself running out of energy to do the rest. You won't convince the zealots, you'll just waste your time and come across looking like a dickhead to boot. Remember, never argue with an idiot: somebody watching may not be able to tell the difference.