Without attacking anybody in particular, I'm starting to think hockey was a lot more fun before I started thinking about it. There's been an awful lot of teenage type angst going on (I have a 12 year old stepdaughter, believe me, I have immediate and personal experience with it), a lot of wailing and moaning, and a very great deal of "Kevin Lowe's so stupid I can hardly believe he remembers to breathe, if the Oilers would put me in charge they'd win the Cup next year, or at least before KLowe messed it all up."
Having said that, I proffer the following poorly-manipulated picture:
for most of you all to nail yourselves to the respective crosses you appear to be bearing.
It's amazing when a bunch of normally (relatively) sane and (relatively) intelligent people go sideways. The "Oilogosphere" is starting to remind me of hfboards, and the reasons why I quit reading and posting there (and alt.sports.hockey.nhl.edm-oilers before it).
(Image courtesy Wikimedia.)